Changing Messy Diapers

Lots of ABs don’t like to poop in their diapers, its too messy to clean up.  Very true, but to me there is nothing more infantile then losing control and loading my diapers.  It’s not going to be fun to clean up but that shouldn’t stop you.

The easiest way to clean up is to hop in the shower, but babies don’t get a shower after every poop and neither should adult babies.  If you have a few things prepared cleaning up is a snap.  Here’s what you do.

  1. First you need some kind of skin protection on before you poop.  If you’ve put on a thick layer of diaper rash ointment or vasoline its going to be much better for your skin and much easier to clean up.
  2. Next you need a changing pad.  I found these things called Kindermats, which is a plastic padded pad that folds up.  It’s easy to clean and comfy to sit on.
  3. You need baby wipes, or the larger adult wipes are nice.
  4. In the cleaning department of most stores you can find latex gloves with a long cuff that go up your arm.  If you don’t use the gloves your hands will smell like poop for the rest of the day.
  5. Next you need something to hold water, soap and washrag.  Poop is not good for your skinand I’ve never had a lot of luck cleaning it all off with wipes.
  6. Its good to have a mirror so you can see how you’re doing.
  7. Finally you can stuff pillows behind your head but I find it easier to use a bean bag, otherwise you’re really straining to see what’s going on back there.
  8. Have a couple of plastic bags handy for the poopy diaper and wipes.

Now you’re ready to change.

  1. Get your gloves on and untape the diaper.  When I’m wearing cloth I’ve had real good luck getting most of the poop off by just wiping with the unsoiled parts of the diaper, but that doesn’t work too well for me with disposables.
  2. Start by lifing your legs and wiping with baby wipes, it will take several, don’t lower your legs and don’t remove the poopy diaper yet.  Since this takes awhile you may get the urge to wet, if you do it might just run down into the poopy diaper, or it may spray across the room.  Great time to have a baby disposable to catch the pee then use as a diaper stuffer.
  3. Once your front is clean lean back farther and wipe close to the diaper then slide it out.  If you did good you won’t get any poop on your changing pad, but if you did its easy to clean. Its probably best to wrap up the poopy diaper and put it in the bag now.  Keep in mind where ever you change at is going to smell poopy for awhile unless it has good airflow.
  4. Next use soap, water and a rag to give yourself a good clean up.  The rag does much better at lifting stubborn poop then the wipes do.  Dry up good with a towel.Now you’re ready for a clean diaper.

How Did This Happen?

Obviously wearing diapers for pleasure or comfort is far outside of normal human behavior.  Where does this come from?  It’s a question I’ve never spent much time asking myself.  Some times adult babies may have had a traumatic childhood, abuse, or some kind of issue with bed wetting.  I can’t say I had a bad childhood, I had good parents and stability, when I delve back into the mirky depths of my childhood I think I did wet the bed some.

I don’t remember how old i was, but I do remember having an angry father because my mattress was ruined by bedwetting.  If I had to guess I’d say 4 or 5.  I think the deal was that I had been dry at night for some time then I began to wet the bed, probably around the time my sibling was born.  I remember a new mattress being purchased and a plastic cover being put on it.  I’m quite certain I was never put in diapers for bed.

As a child I had a great deal of fear of being embarrassed or looking foolish.  I hated looking weak, or doing anything that could be embarrassing.  I remember one time, probably around 4th grade, when the 6th grade basketball team and the 6th grade cheerleaders traded roles for a pep rally.  The girls came out in shorts, undershirts and basektball jerseys and acted all tough, then the boys came out wearing the girls chearleader outfits and ran through some mock cheers.  I thought to myself I could never do anything like that, but I was strangely fascinated by the outfits.

I’m not sure when I first became interested in diapers.  I had cousins in diapers all throughout growing up.  All my cousins were boys, I was the oldest and there were no girls in my extended family. I would always be joked by my aunts that they would teach me how to change diapers so they could get a break from it.  I would act disgusted and run away, but in secret I was really interested.

When I was around 9 or 10 a cousin’s family was visiting and I snuck a diaper out of their diaperbag and put it in my pocket.  The diaper wouldn’t even come close to fitting so I stuck it in the bottom of my underwear drawer the next day my brother must have been digging around in there and come running downstairs with the diaper and showing it to my Mom.  “Augie’s got diapers, Augies’s got diapers in his underwear,” he kept saying while I turned bright red.

Mom asked why I had a diaper and I explained when my cousin had been visiting they left a diaper in the bathroom, I picked it up and put it in my underwear drawer because I didn’t know what to do with it.  She seemed happy enough with that goofy explanation.

I became more and more interested in having something tight and thick wrapped around my genitals.  I began wearing multiple pairs of underwear throughout the day, and sometimes at night I would put every pair I had on. Soon I began stealing diapers from stores when we went to them.  I had no idea why I liked this, it just felt right.

MY Diapered Life

Hello and welcome to my new Blog.  My name is Augie, well not really, but that’s the name I’m going to use on this blog.  I’m 30 something years old, and I’m a closet adult baby.  On this blog I’m going to share my thoughts and experiences as an AB.  I won’t be posting pictures, but I will be telling the honest truth about my life.